Injury Provisions

This page is to be used for guidance only and does not constitute legal advice. While we endeavour to keep the information it contains up to date, we can not guarantee that it is 100% current. All details should be confirmed directly with the relevant institutions.

The following mechanisms are available to assist players who are injured in the course of training or playing. For additional information, contact Dan Moore (0412 413 672)

Medical Expenses

  • Medicare: Public hospital treatment in Australia is available only to holders of a valid Medicare card, to holders of certain private health insurance policies or to citizens of countries with which Australia holds a reciprocal health care agreement. A list of the latter is available here, and citizens of these countries should check with Medicare to see what documentation they may be required to produce in order to gain hospital admission

If you do not have a valid Medicare card or other appropriate documentation you may be refused hospital admission.

Players without a valid Medicare card must ensure that they have public hospital access before participating in rugby. If you are unsure of your status, check with Dan Moore before you start.

  • Private Health Insurance: It is strongly recommended that all players obtain an appropriate private health insurance policy to complement their Medicare coverage. This will insure you against any injury incurred while playing or training, including those which may be due to a pre-existing injury or medical condition. In the event of any expenses not covered by Medicare, this is your first port of call. To find a private health fund policy that will suit your lifestyle, requirements and budget visit iselect.

  • NSWSRU Insurance: The Union’s insurance entitles all registered players who are injured while playing rugby to reimbursement of 100% of all non-Medicare medical expenses incurred within 12 months of the date of injury with an excess of $100 and a maximum benefit of $3000. Non-Medicare expenses are expenses which are not subject to any full or partial Medicare rebate. This policy does not cover pre-existing injuries or medical conditions. Claims must be lodged within 30 days of the date of injury. See Dan Moore to obtain a claim form, or click to download:


  • Injured Players Fund: The injured players fund is run by the club to further assist players who are injured while playing or training, and relies on club fundraising events during the year. In order to qualify for access to this fund you must be fully financial. In the event that a player makes a claim against the Union’s insurance (see above), the fund will cover the $100 excess and 100% of non-Medicare medical expenses which are not covered by that insurance to a combined maximum of $1000. The fund may contribute towards other medical expenses, including elective surgery, at the discretion of the committee on a hardship basis. All benefits from the injured players fund are contingent on the fund being financial. In the event that the fund’s balance becomes inadequate to cover all outstanding claims, the available balance will be distributed at the discretion of the committee on a hardship basis. See Dan Moore for more detail.

Loss of Income

  • Sick Leave: If you are a permanent employee, you are entitled to sick leave from your employer. This takes precedence over all other forms of compensation for inability to work due to injury.

  • Centrelink: If you are self-employed or otherwise ineligible for sick leave and are unable to work due to injury you are entitled to a benefit from Centrelink. The entitlement begins from the date of injury, and the amount will vary depending on circumstances (eg. number of dependants, etc.). If you find yourself in this situation, contact Centrelink directly as soon as possible after the injury.

  • NSWSRU Insurance: The Union’s insurance will cover you for inability to work due to injury starting from 4 weeks after the date of injury. The entitlement is $300 per week for up to 52 weeks. See Dan Moore to obtain a claim form.

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