Shammy Ladz,

We can finally announce that we will be taking a preseason tour to Newcastle on Saturday 28th February . The Waratah Rugby club have kindly agreed to host us. The Waratah club who are celebrating their 75th year are located 10mins out of Newcastle.

The plan at present is to head up early Saturday morning , chillax maybe hit the beach then play an afternoon game after which we will head back to their sponsor pub , the Exchange Hotel, then hit some of the hotspots of Newcastle, heading back to Sydney Sunday morning(ish)

We will be taking two teams up so please start thinking about how you are going to make it happen.

We are trying to organize a bus to pick us up from Camperdown oval Saturday morning and cart us around newcastle and back to Camperdown Oval Sunday morning,

Details about costs and finalised times to follow.

So you keen or what ?