Selection Policy


To win the Reliance Shield for the NSW Suburban Rugby Union 2nd Division Club Championship with not only a view towards promotion to 1st Division but performing both competitively and successfully within said division.

To ensure everyone who wants a game gets one.

To have a good time doing it.

Selection Policy – All Senior Grades

Senior teams will be selected each week in the order 1st through 5th Grade according to the following criteria (in no particular order).

  • Players are expected to be willing to play in whichever grade they are picked, and team coaches will wherever possible attempt to make relevant players aware of promotions or demotions prior to teams being named at training
  • Basic skills and fitness: Players should show a basic ability to cope with the demands of the grade in which they are selected. Players returning from injury may be expected to work their way back through the lower grades.
  • Specialised skills: Some positions on the rugby field are highly specialised (e.g. goal kicking, scrummaging, etc.) and require special skills or training to play. Players may be selected on the basis of these skills or training.
  • Combinations: Players may be selected on the basis of their combination with other players in the team or to achieve a particular playing style for the team.
  • Willingness to play in the selected position: The club recognises that some players may wish to play in positions which coaches do not consider to be their optimum ones. While this will be accommodated where possible, players must accept that in many cases it may result in a lower grade selection.
  • Reliability: Players who fail to show or who show up unacceptably late on game days without reasonable excuse may be dropped arbitrarily at the coach’s discretion. A history of unreliability (reasonable or not) may adversely affect future selections. It is the player’s responsibility to inform their coach or manager if they will be unable to play on a given weekend in the week preceding the match. Early advice will benefit the club as it will enable team selections to be finalised at training.
  • Commitment: While attendance at training is not compulsory, a reasonable level of commitment to the team is. Players with reasonable excuses for not training will not be penalised, although they must realise that players who do train regularly will have a natural advantage over them which will increase as the season progresses. Coaches will also be encouraged to consider the effect of selecting non-training players on the performance of their team as a whole. Players who fail to train without reasonable excuse may be dropped arbitrarily at the coach’s discretion. It is the player’s responsibility to inform their coach or manager if they will be unable to attend training prior to the commencement of that training session.
  • Team cohesion: Good team morale is an essential ingredient for success on the field. Selections which adversely affect team morale will be avoided wherever possible, but this is notoriously difficult to police without extensive player feedback. Players in general, and team captains in particular, are urged to make the coaches and/or club captains aware of any problems.
  • Club cohesion: Another essential ingredient for success is harmony between the grades. A lack of commitment to the other teams in the club may adversely affect selection prospects. Expected commitments include staying on as reserve for the next game and helping with the barbecue/ground management/running water/etc.
  • Payment of subs: The club is unable to function effectively without adequate funding. Payment of your subs early in the season greatly assists in this matter. Players who have not paid their subs will not be permitted to play in finals series


Additional Policy – 5th Grade Only

5th Grade plays in a separate competition to the other grades (not the club’s fault), usually against different opposition and frequently at a different venue. While the club will endeavour to organise a 5th Grade game every week, we are to a certain extent limited by the availability of opposition, and players are asked to be sympathetic to this. Players should also be aware that poor turnouts on game days or unwillingness to travel does make fixtures difficult to organise. In return for the players’ commitment, the club undertakes to coach them, organise their games and help out with numbers from the other grades if required.

  • Reliability/Commitment to training: Players who play and train regularly will be given priority over irregular players for 5th Grade spots. Regular players should not be forced to make way for irregular players on game days.
  • Excess numbers: In the event that more than fifteen regular players are available for 5th Grade, players will be asked to share the game on a volunteer basis. If we regularly have a large excess of numbers in 5th Grade, we will examine the feasibility of setting up a 6th Grade team.
  • Insufficient numbers: In the event that fewer than fifteen players are available for 5th Grade, players from 1st through 3rd Grades will be asked to help out on a volunteer basis. This is easier to organise if we know in advance that numbers will be short. If the numbers shortage becomes chronic, the feasibility of continuing 5th Grade will be examined.


Selection Policy – Colts

The Colts team will be selected from the pool of eligible players, and these selections will be entirely at the discretion of the coaches. In the event that more Colts are available than required, excess players may make themselves available for selection in the senior grades. In the event that insufficient Colts are available, eligible players will not be allowed to participate in senior grades without first playing Colts.


The responsibility for team selections lies with the coaches of the respective grades, who will do their best to abide by the above policy. The club will not interfere with the team selection process unless it is felt that the selection policy has been breached. The final authority on selection policy is the Club Committee.


Players who feel that they have been unfairly treated should take the matter up with their coach, team captain or club captains as appropriate. While the club undertakes to try and keep everybody happy, players are urged to be patient and reasonable in their expectations.