To receive the benefit of the Rugby Australia Insurance (Step 4) and the IPF (Step 5) players must have paid their subs.

NOTE: Players injured during pre-season must pay their subs to receive the RA and IPF benefits

When injured:


  1.  Go to a doctor or ER.

NOTE: This must occur before heading to any specialists or further medical treatment


  1.  Use Medicare for your treatment where applicable


  1.  Apply for any out of pocket expenses through your own insurance where applicable

NOTE: Overseas players should all have their own travel insurance.


  1.  Apply for any further medical expenses via a RA Insurance claim if applicable.

Our insurance Officer, Dan Moore will help you through this.

To make a RA Insurance claim use the AON website


  1.  An application to the Injured Players Fund can be made. Dan Moore will help with this.


Read more about our Injury Provision Policy here