The physio page deals with aspects of football we all wish didn’t happen – injuries.  However, unfortunately they do occur.  This section of our website deals with injuries, injury prevention, injury treatment and recovery. Check out the content items below.


Hopefully you won’t need too much attention over the year, but chances are you may.  Reading through some of this information will help you to prevent injuries in some cases, or manage injuries if they do occur.


The information here is for education purposes and does not replace seeing a doctor or allied health practitioner such as a physiotherapist.  If you have an injury or have specific concerns then go see your sports physician or physiotherapist for individual help and advice.


Injuries – If you play Rugby they are a fact of life 

Here are some statistics to consider… 

The causes and types of injuries

 Over 50% of injuries reported are minimal or mild, resulting in no lost games.  Four body regions account for half of all Rugby Union injuries:

  •  shoulder (18%),
  •  knee (13%),
  •  thigh (12%)
  •  ankle (12%).

  • Sprain/strain injuries account for 58% of injuries.  The tackle (52%), overexertion and overuse (14.5%) are also common.

Independent studies have shown the tackle is the most frequent cause of injury (>50%), however it is also the most frequent event in Rugby Union. Statistics also indicate the ball carrier is twice as likely to be injured when compared to the tackler. 


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