How to Add the Calendar to your phone or PC

If you have a gmail address then this is the easiest option.

1. Go to the Petersham Calendar page

2. Click on the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the calendar


3. You will be redirected to your Google calendar. You may be asked to log in. The following will appear

4. Click Add

There are many versions of Outlook but the idea is to add an Internet Calendar so that it will be automatically updated when we make changes at our end.

1. Open the Calendar section of Outlook

2. Right click on Other Calendars and select Add Calendar then From Internet…



3. In the box that appears enter the following text and click OK


4. You can rename or recolour the calendar by right clicking on its name in the calendar list

We will add the calendar via This calendars will then show up in Outlook if you have your Hotmail linked.

NOTE: This calendar connection method take ages to update via Hotmail i.e. 24hrs. This is very slow. I would finding an alternative method if you can. Adding direct to Outlook as described in the next section is a better option.

1. Log in to windows Live

2. Go to your Calendar (Click the down arrow next to the word Outlook and select Calendar)


3. In the menu click Import

4. On the Import screen click Subscribe


5. In the Calendar URL field paste:

6. Give the calendar a name e.g. Petersham

Unfortunately I’ve no experience with Apple or Yahhoo etc. calendars so you will have to work it out yourself

You are looking for an option to import a calendar via its URL or in iCal format

To add the Petersham Calendar via URL enter the text:

To add the Petersham Calendar in iCal format enter the text:

If it’s all too confusing ask an IT friend, they will love to help you or just use the calendar on the website

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