This section has some information that will hopefully help you reduce or avoid injuries over the 2010 season.


 If you were injured last year then you are already in the high risk group to get injured this year – it is doubly important that you make sure your get yourself sorted before the season starts!  Shoulders, hips, knees and ankles are the main areas of injury.


Things you can do to improve your chances of avoiding injury

  • Get to preseason training!!


  • Go to your physio and get a screening done to make sure you are in shape for the season.  If you have an injury that isn’t right then go and get it sorted.


  • Fill out an area specific questionnaire (e.g. shoulder, ankle etc) if you get a crap score then get to your physio and get it sorted.  These are found below in the relevant injury prevention section.


  • Look at the basic injury prevention programs here on the website – they will help address problem areas.  Again though if you have a specific problem – get it sorted by your physio.


Sadly the other thing that is true is that less than 30% of you will actually implement this – so to those of you who will take this on board good luck and happy training!


Injury Prevention Programs