Greetings Fellow Masters.

Have you noticed your mantle piece lately? Do there appear to be groups of grown men teaming up around it? Are they tramping mud through the house?

This is because your double Pan Pac Masters Gold medal stash is under threat, if not outright attack.

If this was any more serious Dave McKinney would have written to Facebook about it*. Luckily, this situation is a bit more conducive to direct action and a victorious outcome for the forces of good the world over than the tricky political landscape we seem to find ourselves in. Fear not! All is not lost. This situation, like all important situations can be fixed by rugby. You can cast your vote in special polling boots found situated on the end of your legs. You mark the opponent who you want to vote against by placing your shoulder directly into his**** body. It’s all very very simple. You can even be as offensive as you like.

All that is required is that you move yourself and possibly your close family to the Gold Coast for the week of the 1st –9th of November. Many of the lads bring their families as the Queensland caters for all.

Shifty, the great leader of our times, needs you. He doesn’t ask for much. Just complete obedience and to win the tournament.

Call him here 0405 238 563

Email him here.

Or just close your eyes in the dead of night and touch your GCPPMGM (Gold Coast Pan Pac Masters Gold Medal) and he will hear your thoughts. Think clearly now, he’s a little deaf.

Remember the rugby, the night’s out, the international boxing sensation, was that really ACDC?, the day at the races, Pepsi’s stubby holder rules, hilarious japes involving Dunny’s socks, the victories and above all the victory laps.

Nacho (captain 2010*****)

The first taste of Gold (2010)

The first taste of Gold (2010)


More Gold (will there be enough for an entire coast) (2012)

More Gold (will there be enough for an entire coast) (2012)

Pan Pac Masters Details

Playing Dates: 3rd-7th Nov

Opening Ceremony: 1st Nov

Location: Gold Coast (there’s a clue in the title)

Entry Cost: $100 ($120 after 3rd Sep)

Game Times: From 4pm (cos it’s hot up North)

Accommodation: Pretty good apartments and not too expensive.

Official Websites

* In all seriousness, Dave McKinney only writes about serious issues in the style of ‘in all seriousness’**
** no matter how much I keep writing I seem to diminish what Dave is trying to do.***
*** He writes good stuff and he cares deeply.
****sorry no suffragettes yet.
***** at least that’s how I remember it

Fox Sports were there. Will you be?