(Update 12th August 2020)

The following COVID protocols are mandated by the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, the Australian institute of sport, The Inner West Council, NSW Health and the NSW Office of Sport.

COVID - 19 Game Day Protocols

The following protocols are in effect from 1st July, 2020.

Additional changes to protocol made on the 16th July as specified here and here


A copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan can be found here


A copy of our internal COVID-19 Processes can be found here



Where You Can Go


  • Only Players, Coaches Officials and  Essential Volunteers for the Current and Next game are allowed on the field
  • Only Players, Coaches Officials and  Essential Volunteers for the Current and Next game are allowed in the off field player enclosure
  • To visit the canteen you will be asked to sign in, make your purchase then move on please


General Guidelines


    • If you are unwell DO NOT come to the ground.
    • Download and install the COVID-19 tracking app.
    • No entry for anyone who has visited Victoria in the past 14 days
    • No entry for anyone who has visited the Reported Case Locations
    • If your temperature is 37.6 degrees C or above you must go home
    • No entry to the oval for anyone other than
      • Game Officials
      • Required Game Volunteers
      • Players, Reserves and Coaches for the Current Game
      • Players, Reserves and Coaches for the Next Game
    • Maintain good hygiene practices (hand sanitiser is available)
    • Keep social distancing (1.5m apart). Stand on the marks provided
    • No entry to enclosed spaces for non-participants. Only players, coaches, volunteers and essential personnel allowed.
    • If you get COVID-19 or begin to have COVID-19 symptoms contact Kent Prusas (0141 085 191) so NSW Health can trace any possible infections.
    • Do not mingle outside the ground when you leave.



            • Currently spectators are discouraged from attending matches.
            • Please follow the general guidelines
            • For those not involved in the current or next match please leave the oval
            • Please give your name and phone number at the gate or when when asked. You will then be stamped.



Volunteer and Staff Guidelines

This is for

                • Canteen workers
                • Club Officals
                • Managers
                • Coaches
                • Anyone else helping out at the ground
            • Please read the Volunteers and Staff section and the Canteen section of the Club COVID Protocols.
            • Please follow the general guidelines
            • Wash your Hands Regularly
            • All Volunteers must register on Fusesport. Details here
            • Use gloves when preparing food and handling cash. Discard when finished
            • Clean Surfaces and utensils regularly. Fill in the Log.
            • You are encourages to complete the COVID-19 Food Awareness Training Course.
            • Condiments and Serviettes are not freely available. They are to be provided to customers on request.
            • Contactless payment is preferred

Player Protocols


Get in. Play. Get Out


  • All players must be registered on Fusesport (whether they are taking the field or not)


  • Only players for the current and next game are allowed inside the fence


  • Only once you being warming up for the next game are you allowed inside the fence


  • Players are strongly encouraged to shower at home.


  • Players are to attend for essential times only then they should go home (or to the pub)
    • Ground setup
    • Warm-up
    • Game
    • Backup Game
    • Post Game essential activities.
    • Ground Clean-up


  • Once you have finished game day activities you are encouraged to leave the ground


  • The council has provided hand sanitiser in the changing rooms, please use it.


  • Players must supply their own water bottles. Have them clearly marked.


  • Filling Water bottles


    • There is a tap in the changing room for this
    • Hand santize before and after
    • Wipe the tap and nozzle with a disinfectant wipe when finished


  • Do not put on a used playing jumper


  • Collect all used tape after the game and put it in the bin.


  • Use Hand sanitizer when you arrive and when you are finished playing


  • If anyone living in your house gets tested for COVID-19, they must self-isolate until their test results are returned. You may still leave your house as long as you have not been tested. See here for more information

Team Protocols

  • No post/pre-match talks in the changing rooms as that exceeds maximum occupancy


  • A cleaning pack is provided for each team


  • Disinfect your equipment once you have finished warming up with it


  • Ensure Players use hand sanitizer first thing


  • Ensure Players use hand sanitizer once they have finished


  • Ensure enough jumpers are available for players


  • Do not put a player in a used jumper


  • Collect all used jumpers immediately after the match.


  • Ensure players put their used tape in the bin

Changing Room Protocols

  • 10 people maximum in the changing rooms


  • Showers
    • Cleaned by the occupant after each use.
    • A cloth and disinfectant to be available for each shower stall


  • Surfaces and high contact areas to be cleaned every hour or after every game. This includes Showers, basins, door handles, toilet surfaces (e.g. flush button, seat), switches, taps)


  • Surfaces to be cleaned at the end of the day.


  • Water bottles can be filled from the centre tap in the changing rooms


  • Water bottle tap cleaned after use


  • The council has provided hand sanitiser in the changing rooms