(Update 3rd July 2020)

The following COVID Level C protocols are mandated by the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, the Australian institute of sport, The Inner West Council and the NSW Office of Sport.

COVID - 19 Training Protocols

The following protocols are in effect from 1st July, 2020 as part of the Level C COVID-19 Restrictions


    • If you are unwell DO NOT come to training.
    • Download and install the COVID-19 tracking app.
    • There are no restrictions on group size, contact, equipment or mingling between groups
    • Bring your own water bottle, with water already in it
    • If you use the showers you will have to clean them afterwards
    • Sanitize your hands when you arrive. Hand Sanitizer is provided.
    • Sanitize your hands as you leave.
    • You can go to the pub afterwards (Support our sponsor, The Lady Hampshire)
    • Let Steve Nicholls know you are coming via the Facebook group Shammies 2020
    • If you cannot make training please contact your coach or send a message via via the Facebook group Shammies 2020
    • If you get COVID-19 or begin to have COVID-19 symptoms contact Kent Prusas (0141 085 191) so NSW Health can trace any possible infections.

All equipment will be cleaned before and after training. Your trainer may ask you to help with this.

Enjoy your training everyone. Rugby is back!

Continuing to following the protocol is the best way forward.

Not following the protocol …. well, just bloody follow it.