To All Shammies
A very big part of our Culture, Tradition, and History is touring and we are at it again.
We will be touring to England to be part of RWC 2015. Based on talking to fellow Shammies who took part in previous World Cup Tours to the UK this is not to be missed.

We will be taking in 4 games which will see us cover the home teams of our diverse player base.
There will be games to play including Rugby and from initial conversations there are some very excited clubs awaiting our arrival.
We will take in all the best of big cities and little villages to ensure this tour in one that will linger long in our memories.

Now the important parts:-
· Official Tour begins at London Heathrow on Monday the 28th of September
· Official Tour ends at London Heathrow on Friday the 18th of October
· Estimates of cost per person at this stage will be $4,000 + spending money
· You are to organise your own flights. This will enable people to use points, work, or any other opportunity to save some money.
· We will need approx. 25 people able and willing to pull on some boots
· We will also need a number of quality clipboard carriers, and general supporters.

In order to get things moving in the right direction we have set up the following to help people get organised and also fund the trip. With less than 18 months to go we all need to get started.

In order to secure your spot you need to place a deposit of $250 into our ANZ account BSB 012-110 Account Number 528984183 by the end of this month (May).
In order to help get this all happening we also require a direct deposit of $100 to be set up to going into this account at the end of each month. By doing this you will have saved approx. $2,000 towards the trip. If you would like to pay more than that’s up to you.

Once the tour is full and prior to us having to pay all costs this money (under special circumstances) can be refunded. Once the actual tour has been paid for then it will be up to the individual (with our help) to find a replacement tourist.

You will have the opportunity to raise funds by way of raffles and other events to contribute to your own personal tour costs. So please not only ask what you can do to help this but also think of ways to help yourself and others on the tour raise money.