Full Results
v. Old Ignation @ Camperdown Oval
30th May 2015

1st Grade (Kentwell)
Win 33-0
Tries: Thomas Lever (2), Miles Nagle, Thomas Evans, Phillip Scott
Conversions: James Walsh (4)
Table Position: 5th (+2)

2nd Grade (Bourke)
Win 29-12
Tries: Michael Groom, Kyle James, James Patterson, Shaun Gerber
Conversions: Kyle James (3)
Penalties: Kyle James
Table Position: 4th (+2)

Colts (Barbour)
Loss 7-59
Tries: Jackson Smith
Conversions: Matthew Moxon
Table Position: 9th (-)

3rd Grade (Whiddon)
Win 45-12
Tries: Christopher Liszka (3), Bernard Ducombs (2), James Hogan
Conversions: Christopher Liszka (5)
Table Position: 6th (+1)

NOTE: These points only add to 40. Was there another try or were the mathematics inaccurate?

4th Grade (Judd)
Win 17-10
Tries: Thomas Cosgrove, Scott Grieco
Conversions: Matthew Duffy (2)
Penalties: Matthew Duffy
Table Position: 5th (+3)

5th Grade (Sutherland)
Draw 5-5
Tries: Thomas Ribet
Table Position: 5th (-)
Yellow Card: Adam Dunn

Halligan Cup (no game)
Table Position: 19th (-4)

Club Championship
Points: 515
Table Position: 6th (+3)

Cowboy Cup
Points: 515
Table Position: 30th (+11)